Max is one. I still can’t believe it. He has come so far in the past month. At Christmas he was just getting proficient at the army crawl, and now he’s crawling, pulling up on everything, and even standing for a few seconds on his own. His newest is word is “block,” which sounds an awful lot like “glock,” but is still darn cute.

I keep thinking back to this time last year when we were clueless new parents with a sad, colicky baby. Boy am I glad to be where we are now. The little man is so much fun and has such a mellow, sweet personality. We thank our lucky stars each day.


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I Heart Soup

This clip is easily the funniest thing I have seen in months. Jim and I were both in hysterics when we saw it Friday night on The Soup. Poor, sweet little Staines!

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I heard a story on NPR this morning about mini Angus cows and of course I had to run and Google them. They are DARLING. But even as a meat-eater I find this website’s copy unsettling. Is it really appropriate to talk about cuteness and tastiness in the same sentence?

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We finally bit the bullet and got a new car. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. After much debate that occurred over a period of months, we settled on a 2009 Forester. Once that monumental decision was behind us, Jim spent a fair amount of time on the phone and interweb, pitting two competing dealers against each other. The salesmen tried every trick in the book, but in the end I feel like we won. We got the car for less than $1000 over invoice, including the $400 “dealer fee.” We didn’t pay a delivery fee, and they gave us a discount card that allows us to get the first oil change and every subsequent 4th oil change for free for the life of the car. Not bad considering the Forester was voted Motor Trend’s SUV of the year and was recently ranked the #1 small SUV by Consumer Reports.

We sold my car in a day on craigslist. Apparently used Subarus (even those that are 10+ years old) are a hot commodity in these parts.

I was a bit freaked out to drive the new car at first, but it has grown on me. The best part about it is the extra room. We don’t have to worry about smacking Max’s head on the top of the car when we’re trying to maneuver him into his carseat, and we can actually put the umbrella stroller and all the groceries in the trunk AT THE SAME TIME. Once we procure a wire screen we’ll be able to entertain the idea of toting the dogs and Max around simultaneously, something that was previously impossible, since the dogs are wont to bounce from one end of the car to another like furry ping pong balls.

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StoryCorps on NPR makes me cry EVERY FRIDAY MORNING. It doesn’t matter if the story is happy, or sad, or funny. Same reaction. Every time.  I wonder what is going to be like for Max to grow up with a mom who is so easily moved to tears. Though I’m sure he’ll get to the point where he just rolls his eyes and thinks “There she goes again,” just like his dad does.

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Apparently Banjo knows the word “dat” too.

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2008 Wordle

I have been wanting to create a Wordle for a while, but wasn’t able to on my old computer thanks to my ancient operating system. Anyway, pictured below are the most used words from my 2008 posts. The size of the words corresponds to their frequency of use. I guess it’s no surprise that “Max” is the most frequently used word, but I am kind of shocked at the prominence of “just.” I always think twice about using that word thanks to having an English teacher in college who would always say, “Nothing ‘just’ happens, there is always a cause. Just Say No to “Just”!” Sorry Dr. Dave, it appears I have failed you.

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